Glowforge Customer support help-yellow light

What is the average wait time to hear back from Glowforge when you submit a help request? My 7 month Pro stopped working, yellow light, head not found, horrible shaking of the printer head. It was working fine all day and then my last cut of the day it started cutting crazy, nothing like the design. I got the yellow light, turned it off and that was it. I have tried everything. It has been cleaned, belts checked, wheels, everything. I have a large amount of wholesale orders I can’t finish and am just so upset that this happened.

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You should get an auto reply to your Support request quickly. It may take a few days before your issue is actually addressed. Waiting is frustrating, and feeling like you are being ignored is infuriating. The only positive in your situation is that you are under warranty, and Glowforge will honor that warranty.


I hope so. I am so upset about this.

While you’re waiting, it’s worth finding if there is a laser in your area you can rent time on - or other users who you can sub-let your projects too. When running a business it’s always smart to have a backup!

Fingers crossed it’s something easy and you’ll hear back shortly.


Check your white cable connections, and also make sure it hasn’t worn through where it rubs on the rail.

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