Glowforge damaged during shipping

Please open a support ticket for me. My Glowforge Pro was damaged during shipping. I’m not sure if it is unusable and will await a response.

I noticed the box was damaged but was surprised to find out how damaged the machine was. Attached are some photos of the box that was received as well as the machine itself.

Please let me know if you need any other info from me.



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Oh boy, the shippers really did a number on that machine.


Wow. Been a while since anyone has seen one bashed like that.

You’ve opened a support ticket just by posting here. Hang tight, support will make it right. They’ll have “staff” by their names and usually post in yellow backgrounds.


Thanks for setting my mind at ease and also for info on what to look for next.


Ouch! That hurts to just look at. Here’s to getting a replacement ASAP!

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When I got my glow forge years ago it took several tries for me to get one that wasn’t damaged. This was before the new and better packing. I made friends with the ups driver and got him to let me look in the box while he was at my house. When one was damaged, he let me refuse it and THEY sent it back to glowforge. After you send yours back, this note will make more sense to you. Sorry for your misfortune.


I’m so sorry to hear your Glowforge was damaged in shipping! I’ll send an email shortly to arrange a replacement.