Glowforge did a thing. On the day they said they would do the thing!


After having my original estimate of Oct 23rd, slip to the 25th, I figured there was some small chance I might get my Golden Ticket today.

I came down to the studio to check a 3D print, and when I turned around, I saw the Email Banner “Would you like your Glowforge?” Why yes. Yes I would!


Me too, me too! Just got my Golden Ticket email! Ordered a Pro on Oct 15th.


Now you turn the corner… :sunglasses:


Congratulations to you both!


Many congrats to you both, and prepare to ‘laser all the things’. You are about to lose time and money taken up by your other vices.


You mean go down the Rabbit Hole.


I almost checked email the evening of the 24th (I was showing the 23rd), didn’t. 6:00 a.m. on the 25th … thought I should check email before I do anything … 6:30 … KNEW I should have checked email first.

Me too!


Yay for you! You will have so much fun!




Very happy for you! Congrats!


So I’ve found that after you no longer have to obsess over the “Shipping” email, your focus turns to delivery info, and UPS Mychioce. (My postcard arrived today)


Got my shipping notice for my free ProofGrade supplies just now. Getting excited to get my GF.


Me too!!


Got my :proofgrade: materials today and my order from Inventables. Now all I need is a :glowforge:!


The waiting between Proofgrade pack and Glowforge feels like Limbo. Time moves slowly.