Glowforge does not power on again (just got it repaired 2 weeks ago)

I’ve had the glowforge back for about 2 weeks now (I sent it in and you had it for about a month).
I’ve only used it a handful of times. It seemed to be working properly. It was very clean but for the exhaust fan was filthy.

Tonight the exact same problem is being exhibited. It will not power on.
We did some engraves earlier today. I recently tried to perform a cut and my browser said it was offline.
I powered it down and it does not power on.
Please advise.


Hi @hjohnson - I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your recently repaired printer.

I do see that it looks like your printer has connected more recently than when you’d reached out. I wanted to check, are you still experiencing issues with the printer powering on?

Yes. It no longer powers on. This appears to be the same issue as before but I wouldn’t know.

I would like to communicate verbally with someone as I have been down over a month going on 2 and paid $600 for repairs and shipping.

It’s very frustrating to see glowforge commercials everywhere I go online but yet not having one work.

We are approaching thanksgiving and Christmas and I am not confident I will have a laser this holiday season.


I just powered it on and it turned on. Now dealing with offline. It went for 2 days where I turned on the power switch but nothing happened.

Going to try to reset connection now.

Today the laser turns on.

I had to reconfigure the wifi. I’ve never had to do this before. The wifi network was stable and no change have been made.

After configuring the wifi I was able to perform a job.

This intermittent behavior seems similar to what happened to cause me to ship it to you.

Can you check the logs to see if anything is reported?

Why would it not turn on for 2 days then suddenly turn on?


At 5:26pm the laser does not turn on.

I went to the laser because my computer once again said off line.

The button was not glowing.

I powered it off then it would not come back on.

Right now it’s dead.

This is exactly mimicing the issue before I mailed it in to be repaired.

I would like to speak to someone in person please.

314-406-4022 CST.

I’ll talk late in the day if you guys are calling from CA.


I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.