Glowforge download

Can Glowforge be down loaded again? I don’t think it loaded properly.

Not sure what you’re asking here. The interface found at is completely cloud based. No need for a download.

Okay, I was just checking seeing it’s not working like it should. Thank you

Describe the behavior for us, we (the community) may be able to help.

I was just told I have to have an I Cloud acct. Is this true?


What operating system are you using?

window’s ten

You just need a computer and a browser. I prefer Chrome, seems to work fine for me.

I already have Google Chrome but thank you anyway!

It can be confusing, but hang in there, we’ll get you squared away.

I’m sorry that you ran into trouble while using the app. I responded to the message you sent us via email with some steps to take so we can look into this for you, so I’m going to close this topic.