Glowforge email saying my laser has a small tuning issue from factory

I just received the following email from Glowforge:


I’m writing today with information about your Glowforge. We found your printer had a small tuning issue at the factory that has been affecting the power and speed settings. We will adjust this on September 1st and 2nd so your settings will operate properly.

If you’re using Proofgrade materials, you don’t have to do anything. If you are using manual settings, please re-test them after the change early next week to make sure they still work for you.

Our apologies for the interruption - happy printing!

I never sent them an email or opened a support ticket so they must have detected this “small tuning issue” either through some logs that my glowforge is sending via internet to their servers or they know that a certain batch of laser cutters produced at a certain time have the issue and so they’re emailing everyone who got a machine from that batch.

Anyone else ever get an email like this? Any idea what it might be?


Thank you! I looked and didn’t find that post so thank you for linking it.

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