Glowforge exhaust ideas

Just implemented my maker shop exhaust strategy with GF , shop AC hot air and lower paint booth on a shared 4” hole with blast gates. This was a hard project but happy with w results. !


Surprised the hot AC exhaust doesn’t overpower the GF exhaust when open. But, if it works, it works.

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There’s supposed to be a blast fate at every entry , I ran out of pipe, the project was honestly more than I bargained for but does work .

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Yeah, I saw the blast gates. Assumed that the AC exhaust was for one of those portable air conditioners and that you would run that and the GF at the same time. A portable AC puts out very hot air probably at a higher volume than the GF. So, do you have a separate booster exhaust fan to suck stuff out or are you not running those two at the same time?