Glowforge Experienced An Error

Hi. I am consistently getting a message “Glowforge has encountered an error, if you continue to get this message contact support.” It’s popping up during my cuts and is causing them to cut correctly and wasting material. I followed all of the steps noted on the support page with cookies, history etc. and it is not going away. Anyone else having this issue?

That bites, welcome to the community! We’ll do our best to help, but if you haven’t you should also open a ticket with official support - email/website/Discord chat are all options for that. I suggest that because they can do things like look at your logs and see if there’s more info on the error.

For us, when are you getting this error? Part way through a cut, or before one has started?

If it’s part way through, it may be that one or more of your cables is slightly loose and it’s been pulled enough apart during the job that the laser is losing the head.

As for wasting material. If you leave it exactly where it is, then you can run cuts again and it’ll always land at exactly the same spot if you don’t change anything. If you don’t want it running a part of your job many times, you can either cover that section with tinfoil, or edit your job to delete those sections, upload the edit, and overlay it in the GFUI exactly where the lines of your prior job are (ignoring where the camera is telling you it should go), then ignore the old job, and just print the edit.

Let us know :slight_smile:


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