Glowforge Experts? In Portland, OR

Hi everyone! Curious, are there any Glowforge pros (as in, you’re awesome at Glowforging) out there in the Portland, OR area? Particularly ones who own a print shop or some other maker shop?

I purchased a GF Pro for my wife as a surprise for her birthday. We have a tradition where we surprise the other with a brand new experience on our birthdays (last year she took me to a glass blowing shop, for example). I thought it would be fun, if there are any experts out there in the area, to do a simple intro to the Glowforge class/experience.

If any makers/creators are out there and are interested, let me know. I would of course pay for your time :slight_smile:



Jonathan’s always give the best gifts!


Welcome to the forum…from a sort of neighbor…down south in Silverton. Not a pro, nor do I own a print shop or maker shop…but, I’ve had my Glowforge for over 4 years now. Myself, like many others on here just dove in and started from scratch, using the wonderful resource that is this forum to ask questions like crazy. Unless you find someone who would like to help in the way that you are wishing, I suggest your wife will do wonderfully well by going the same route…and in that way, I’ll be most happy to help her along. To begin though, just having her do ‘first prints’ by following the intro. from Glowforge will give her huge insight into what this machine can do…and even more importantly, what she will be able to do.


Yes this!

So many folks skip over that part in their excitement, but there is world of info there!


I wandered in here knowing zero about either CNC or lasers, after a grasp of just a few fundamentals the learning curve flattens quickly. What a cool tradition you two have, I suggest you take this journey together!
Using the materials that came with your laser would be a good place to start, along with the first lessons given in the manual. That will introduce you to your new tool and teach the first lessons needed. Beyond that, the “Free Laser Designs” section of the forum will give you lots of stuff to do.

If no one in your area chimes in, don’t worry, This forum is all the classes you would need, we are a helpful group. You can find the answers to any questions you have right here!

Welcome to the community. :sunglasses:


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