Glowforge extended warranty?

Glowforge is going to have a 1 year warranty on the pro version from an earlier post by Dan. I was wondering if you guys have talked with an external warranty provider like SquareTrade and letting users get an extended warranty through them?


Nothing to announce - we’ll let folks know if something becomes available.

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Ok thanks Dan

Did anything become available?

If you look here all available Glowforge items currently for sale are detailed.

As they stated,

we’ll let folks know if something becomes available.

With the Glowforges coming in a month or so, it would be nice to know if we can get extended warranties. Perhaps @dan can update the thread.

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If we do add an extended warranty next year, we plan to allow existing owners to opt into it retroactively.

Honestly though, you have no idea how much lawyer-work warranties are. We have our hands full with the regular one just so we can ship to you. :slight_smile:


I’m pretty good with creative inspiration and producing, but suck at marketing and business. Throw in dealing with the requisite lawyers and my stomach flops over as the inspiration is overwhelmed by the technicalities.
Buzz kill.


As we get closer to release of the units, I wanted to bump this thread @dan Any chance of getting an extended warranty via Squaretrade or something similar?

Well, they did extend it already in the last delay update.

18 Months for pro isn’t bad at all.



I am not suggesting that @glowforge gives an extended warranty beyond what has been promised already, but some of us would like to pay a bit extra for longer coverage. This doesn’t cost @glowforge any more money, and could actually represent revenue for them if SquareTrade or the other companies pay a bounty.

I am a big fan of longer SquareTrade warranties as they have saved me several times when my family has broken their cell phones.


In Norway the Glowforge would have a default minimum warranty of 2 years, and would probably be 5 years for a regular consumer. If a product can be expected to last more than 2 years, as you would with the Glowforge, it would be bumped up to 5 years. This warranty wouldn’t include replacement parts.

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I suppose if it works for you. I read through a number of different companies like them(and them) and decided that it seemed more scam-like than normal insurance. They’ll do the cheaper repair before giving a “New” item and put that against the insured credit amount. It’s great if you only need to use it once per item, maybe twice, but seems that beyond that you wind up out both the money(in credit form) and the item.

Perhaps its different with phones, but when my sister broke her phone twice, they had us go into the Apple store, get a replacement and then sent us the money in 24 hours or less. I think it depends on how much the manufacturer (Glowforge) works with them.

Ah. I’d read the user agreements from eBay(in general) and amazon(tv shopping) and had come to my conclusion that way. As said, if in practice it works better than it reads? awesome.

Extended warranty is definitely on our hopper, as it’s a win-win for everyone. It’s just a tricky thing to do with a new product. I wish I could get it done now for you, but we’ll let you know if and when it happens.


@dan Completely understand, its been about a year since I first asked the question and as we are getting closer I was hoping for an update. Thanks for keeping an eye on this.

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Totally, will keep it on our list.

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Any updates on this?

Also you may want to let people know that if they bought their Glowforge using a credit card like I did, some of those cards have extended warranty programs. For example American Express will match the length of the original manufacturer’s warranty and provide repairs up to a specific amount ($50,000 I think) per year.


Hmmm… I wonder if that still applies if the purchase was done through Paypal? Anybody know?