Glowforge File won't load

I downloaded the Reindeer customizable ornament. It loaded fine but now it won’t load at all. When I select the file, it will say “Rendering” but then it brings me back to my dashboard without loading the file. Anyone else have this issue? I thought maybe I printed it too many times but the file says unlimited prints. I’ve only made maybe 10 ornaments at the most and just need one more (of course!).

possible helps.

close your browser and reopen it. why that might help? who the heck knows.

also try clearing the cache, has also been shown to help.

and of course, I feel your pain need one more but NOOOOOO it won’t go.

good luck!


Likely there was a blip and now your browser is stuck in a loop.

Try opening something else and then try the reindeer again
Try opening in a completely different browser
Try clearing your cache


Did you delete it before leaving the last time it worked? If so, it will go back to that empty file when you load it again. I have not had It occur but there is a Restore command that will set it back to the original.


If all else fails, contact Glowforge support. Sometimes they need to fix something on their end.


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