Glowforge Filter Cartridge out of stock again! WTF

How can I run a business with out essential parts that should always be in stock! Glowforge Filter Cartridge only lasts 2 to 4 weeks and at $250.00 it is very over priced! I can not vent outside and my business is dead in the water until I can get a new one. Any one in the same boat?

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I am not in the same boat, but if your business relies on this filter, and you are replacing it every 2 to 4 weeks I might look for a more sustainable solution. Spending over $3000 per year on replaceable filters seems awful. Supply chain issues have been a problem for the past couple of years, and you state that the filters are out of stock AGAIN meaning you have experienced this before. Buy several the next time they are in stock or look for a more robust filtration system.


Maybe they were also on the shipping container of Glowforge parts that fell off the cargo ship into the Pacific Ocean. Some options to keep your business running might include:

  • BOFA makes some laser fume filters that might make sense for you given how fast you’re running through these cartridges. Since there are multiple distributors for their filter media, it might be a more reliable option.

  • Post on one of the big Facebook Glowforge groups and ask if anyone has a spare cartridge they’d be willing to sell you while the official store is out of stock. Someone will come through for you.

  • Maybe you can’t vent outside from your home, but you don’t have to be home. You can run your Glowforge anywhere you have power and wifi. If the weather’s right, pick a nice out-of-the-way park or campground to work out of for the afternoon. Pick up a 800W+ inverter for your car to give it a 120V outlet ($50-100). Load your Glowforge into the trunk of your car with the orange bits in place, take 'em out when you arrive, and laser out of your trunk until you finish your orders. If you’re making good money, you could rent a permanent workshop to laser from instead.


The filter is a last resort designed for very light, occasional use.

It is not designed for business use.


I use a growhouse filter. I have to find the link, but my exhaust attaches to the filter and with heavy use, has to be replaced every 4-5 weeks. They are $50-55 a piece, making them slightly more affordable when you have to constantly replace them. So far they work really well for acrylic. It cuts the smell down by 75% and traps all the dust. Wood still smells pretty heavily and the smoke still passes through so its still best to place the filter outside.

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