Glowforge filter dimensions?

Just got my filter shipped and am contemplating how to organize things in my shop once it gets here. Can somebody tell me how big the thing is? Oddly the product page has… like, pretty much zero information on it!

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Ah! Just found it toward the bottom of the spec page of the Glowforge itself (might be nice to replicated the filter-specific information to the filter product page. ;))

( Exterior dimensions (LxWxH): 16.14” x 10.43″ x 16.92″ (410mm x 265mm x 430mm))



If at all possible organize your shop so you only use the filter when you have to, and vent out a window if you possibly can!

The replacement rate on the filter medium is high - especially if you cut mdf/plywood. Straight mdf can fill up a tray in less than a day.

That being said, yay on finding the specs - it’s pretty small considering how much of a workhorse it is :slight_smile:


@jaholmes6502 Glad you found the information you needed. And thanks for the suggestion on replicating it to the Glowforge Air Filter page. That’s a great idea that I will share with the team.

I’m going to go ahead and close this thread.