Glowforge Fireball

Clickbait baby! I know you are all thinking, Henry set fire to his GF? Nope, that’s the name of the sandwich I just ate with @Joe (that’s a spicy meatball! no, seriously it’s really spicy…) as we had a mini-Glowforge users’ lunch meetup in Kendall Square today. Accompanied by the fire alarm in the parking garage next-door…


The Fireball is no joke. But they forgot the Chipotle in my Chipotle Turkey. :cry:

Anyone in Kendall Square, Bailey and Sage is great!


Ehhhh! Looks like a couple o’ shady characters to me! :smile:
(probably sittin at a table at the back…talkin’ kerf)


We actually got booted all the way outside out back due to no tables, but we mostly discussed CNC machining and the Markforged Metal printer I am trying to get for the lab.


If I remember correctly @joe was the first Regular in the forum with @jkopel that day or very soon after. Both of those guys had good sense to backoff a little and at least pretend to have a life.


He also visited me during the PRU stage and we tried to make a stamp (and of course forgot to reverse it) in my living room before I had permanently installed my GF. We had actually met during MFNY randomly at the GF booth standing in line to make luggage tags


I don’t think anyone’s ever accused me of having good sense. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Mostly it was due to a toddler and a bunch of traveling during the holidays. I’ve finally been able to get my head back above water enough to start coming to the forums regularly again!


I also have one of the first few production units out the door (I believe @PlGHEADED had the first, but I could be mistaken). I don’t even have a black crumb tray, I have a limited first edition gray one.
I’m getting close to 2 years with it, so I’ll test out this whole tube replacement process for you folks!


Appreciate it, but mine might go out first. (It might depend on how much use it gets, and between toddler and traveling, you might be safe.) :wink:


Awesome! So glad you guys got a chance to meet up.


Yep Prodforge1 is still running… (not sure if I was actual first, but first “active” forum member to report receipt and use of a production released :glowforge: ) Still in love with it and continue to amaze co-workers and neighbors (and myself) :grinning:


Yeah I am on ValleyForge III by this point due to a total failure at one point after the purple button of death…

With practically all interaction being on the forum, it is rewarding to meet other users IRL, hear the voice and see the smile of the familiar faces.
I have had that pleasure with nine of you. We have taken a road trip from Denver to Louisville, and currently in Nashville for our 40th anniversary in the Tesla. I wish there were more time, I would have liked to route the journey to meet and greet the others of you scattered between.

I think @marmak3261 holds the record of the widest ranging member!

That was a nice piece of clickbait Henry. :sunglasses:
Thanks for sharing that!


As I always tell my coworkers if I am not being snarky, sarcastic or am not holding a cup of coffee call a code-blue, I probably died and nobody noticed…


If I actually had good sense I would be saving money for retirement instead of spending it on machine tools. I still read a lot of posts here but rarely have anything to contribute. My early production unit Sparky has been totally reliable though and still works great whenever I power it up.


That would be the conventional wisdom, one I don’t agree with. I’m 5 years out and need (want) more tools.

Mostly retired a dozen years ago and in 2017 fully retired. Saved nothing, but a good pension means income, small toys and life balance each month. Works for me.


I was self employed for 18 years out of the last 32. A pension sounds pretty good right about now.


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