Glowforge for anything?



Hi, please beta users , could you tell me how was the engrave in tiny things like a key , and curves things like a bottle .


Hi @sarmiento747 - we don’t have the specific steps yet, but if you are wanting to know how to do it…Dan gave us some preliminary information on how it is done in this thread. There are several options:


FYI the beta users are not really allowed to do requests.


That makes sense, otherwise they’d probably be inundated with requests!


It is not a request, I was simply wondering if anybody has tried to do anything similar and how it worked… I’m sorry if it bother you… Just wanted to know what to expect and I can offer when my own machine comes my way… No need to be rude…


Oh sorry - that wasn’t meant to be rude. Just thought you might not know, since you’re new to the forum. There’s a lot of good information developed over the last year that is pretty exciting.

And they just haven’t tested those specific materials yet.

All the Beta Projects are now in the Made On A Glowforge Category, if you want to browse through them to see what’s happened so far.


Sorry if you perceived my response as being rude…if you spent anytime on these forums you might find that many if us are very helpful and go out of our way to do so. It has become a nice community on here…you might hang out awhile and join in


You’re not bothering anyone. The answers are sincere, and people are usually pretty helpful here. Stick around, you’ll see!

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