Glowforge For Robotics

I am a Robotics Researcher at IHMC and when we first pre-ordered the Glowforge, the original estimate for delivery was going to be around the same time that a project was going to start at my work for prototyping a new robot. We had plans on using it for that project, but with the Glowforge delays that project has long past. So when the Glowforge arrived we were not working on very much new hardware so we have mostly been using the Glowforge for person thing (not complaining). I dont have many pictures of the things we have used the Glowforge on, but as we use it I will continue to update this post.

The first thing we used the Glowforge on was prototyping some electronic/motor covers for an updated exoskeleton. Before the Glowforge we simply would have 3d printed a piece like this before we machine it to make sure all the dimensions are correct, but 3d printing even something flat like this would take at least an hour. The Glowforge cut it out in about 2 minutes and we quickly saw that we had a hole misaligned and cut out a new version very quickly saving us a lot of time.

We have also used the Glowforge for cutting out some alignment/calibration jigs out of acrylic for a humanoid prototype we are working on, allowing us to get all the joints lined up without having to have the jig machined.

And finally a quick new sign for the front desk to replace the sticky note that they have used for about a year.



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