GlowForge freak out

I just started a print and was watching the magic happen till it stopped dead and the button flashed red. The console page still showed it running and no errors popped up. I stopped the print on the page and turned it off. I moved the laser close to home and started my project again with no issues. I have ran a couple of times since this with no problems. I was lucky I did not waste any material when this happened because it was just at the beginning. What was this error and what is the correct fix?

Are you sure it was red? If it was orange, it means your GF was running hot. It stops pewing for some time while it cools down and then continue the magic.

purplish red and nothing running.

Thanks for letting us know about this, @gmikewilliams. We’re looking into it now. I’m sorry I don’t have any more information at the moment.

Have you seen this again since you started the thread?

Haven’t seen this happen but once .it could not be hot because I just turned it on and started the job it messed up on. I have noticed the camera view does not match the bed. Are ya’ll working on this? Thanks

Thanks for letting me know. I see you started another thread regarding camera view - I’ll follow up on that thread separately. I’m going to go ahead and close this thread. If you see this issue reoccur, please open a new thread or email

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