Glowforge Friends in Chicago, IL

Hello Community! Long time reader, first time OP.

My name is Dan Wilcop and I’m a full-time artist/designer who uses a GF to do most of my production. Here’s my website:
My machine is having problems and after troubleshooting with support for several days and replacing a part on my own, I’m about to pack it up to ship back to GF for repairs (this is the solution tech support arrived at).

This has put me in a tight spot because I have holiday orders I need to complete but no GF to work with.

I am hoping to find a GF user in Chicago that would allow me to use their machine for a few hours to finish production on holiday orders. There are a few maker-spaces in the city but most require membership fees and authorizations to use their equipment. On top of that many of them use Universal Lasers and I don’t want to spend several hours learning to use a new machine. I’d only need about 2-3 hours to do all my cuts and then I will assemble my pieces elsewhere.

I’ve attached some examples of my work. If anyone knows any Chicago GF users, please let me know! I appreciate this community so much!!

front 1|499x499


I’m not in Chicago but I like your clocks.


Not close to you, but great clocks.

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