Glowforge Gets King 5 CES-Ready


Did not see this posted yet:


Little tight on the logo placement there…


Yup, but if fitted nicely :smile:


Come on GF! Step up your game when you know you are going to be on camera for publicity.

Why did it cut the outside lines before the inside, and why did it cut before engrave?

Sure… the target audience is not those with experience… but they are likely to TALK to those with experience, and that is a pretty immediately obvious “should not have done that” move.

(Yes, final results were still quality, but doing things right when on camera reduces the easy complaints)


I face-palmed when he called it a 3D printer though. :confounded:


Yeah, I really wish that GF would discourage the use of that term, now that the crowdfunding has completed, too. However, I think the K5 guy took it somewhat tongue in cheek (by his “Hmmmm” pandering to the camera).

I’m just glad that they’re getting more professional looking videos out into the public eye!


It’s made my skin crawl every time I’ve heard it. Eeeeesh


I agree. Let the “3d” and “printer” terms die. Laser is such a cooler sounding word anyways.


Ouch, guys… :unamused:

99% of quadcopters aren’t “drones” in any sense of the word, there’s no such thing as 2-1/2 D engraving, “ATM machine” is redundant, likewise “PIN number,” etc. ad nauseam

GF has well over $30M in goodwill based on “3D Laser Printer.” Don’t see them changing now.

Btw, I liked the video! :sunglasses:


I’m surprised that GF didn’t reference this.

I wonder if King5 had some non-promo clause :thinking:


It was on Dan’s twitter feed at the beginning of the year. (Jan 4)


It was in my Facebook feed today too


AAAUUUUUUGGGHHHHH!!! Another social media service to track now :confounded:


Nice find man.
Yes, good video, just miffed that this is not the first example of promotional media that had to filter it’s way to us here. I want every crumb that falls.
Would be nice if it were consolidated, and WE were among the first to see it. Some of the loyal patrons here have been twisting in the wind for more than a year now.

Apologies, I’m feeling particularly belligerent tonight. There. I feel better.:relieved:


This is why a bar tender is cheaper than a psychiatrist.


Looks like Proofgrade walnut. Nice.


I don’t really mind the term 3D “Laser” Printer. But he didn’t call it that in the video. He called it a 3D printer.

Yes, the term laser engraver/cutter is more accurate, but that subject has been flogged to death already.


I grew up watching King5. It was nice to see the video. How does that microphone thingy stay on the microphone? - Rich


Two common methods are a screw on collar that snugs the logo box up against a flange – or – top ball/screen screws down, snugging against the flange from the other direction.


From the looks of that mic(and a few years working with church audio(run by a guy who lived off of videography privately before getting contract work in Philly with various corps so he actually knows video and audio unlike most places)) it looks like the metal screen screw down type.