Glowforge Glass Shattered during Shipment!

I was really excited for today, finally my Glowforge I’ve been waiting years for was scheduled for delivery!

Well the UPS driver arrived but instead of bringing me a box he ushered me to look at the back of the truck because he suspected my delivery was broken.

Sure enough, shattered glass was visible through a hole in the box- and as he shifted the package you could hear the hundreds of pieces of glass sliding around. HORROR.

He said he would be marking it as unaccepted due to being broken in their hands- and that I should contact Glowforge myself, and I have sent out an email. Now I’m stuck in limbo waiting to hear from Glowforge and/or UPS and dreading it.

Has this happened to anyone else yet? What should I expect and is there anything else I can do besides be super bummed out after really looking forward to today?

Yes. At least twice I believe. GF got the broken one replaced very quickly. Not a lot of diagnosis needed :slight_smile: Did you get pictures?

Alas, no, I didn’t bring the phone outside- but to be fair the photo wouldn’t have been too impressive, the box remained unopened and only a single piece of the glass was pulled out of the hole- it was pretty much the very last thing you wanted to see or hear out of your shiny new glowforge box though! :frowning:

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So sorry it happened to you. Expect a replacement to be shipped immediately upon Support reading this ticket or possibly the e-mail ticket you opened. I imagine the message you’ll share next week at this time will be your first successful run.

oh. Search for @rubbersoul79’s post on hers. There was glass all over the truck. Looked like when tempered glass shatters. Bits everywhere.

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Yep, the glass piece I saw looked just like tempered glass. I checked out her video on it and definitely shared that glass rolling around in the box experience :sob:

Sorry to hear that! (They get a new one out to you promptly.) :neutral_face:

If you used My ups, you should go on line and log into your account to find the explanation that the driver wrote. Support will want to see this because it is valid proof that they damaged your Glowforge. :grinning:

You may have seen this mentioned around the forums, but signing for MyChoice at UPS will allow you to pick it up at the Depot, instead of waiting on the driver to arrive at your door (provided you have transport).

I did this. The thought is that there is a higher potential for damage on that Last Mile trip as it bounces around in the delivery truck on the due day.
When it arrives at the Depot, it is probably still secured on a pallet with other items for bulk transport ease. So the manhandling of it will occur mostly from there to your door.

Make sure you verify the location of the Depot, so you know where to go.

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So sorry. It’s happened a few times. Glowforge will make it right rather quickly. Absolutely a sad thing. Hate that it happened to you. Hang in there. It will be worth the wait!

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Bummer!!! Just when you think the wait is over… hopefully they get a replacement out to you in a jiffy.

I’m so sorry! We will get a replacement out in a jiffy, and will email you with tracking information.