Glowforge.....Glow no more?

Estimated Delivery Date

|Glowforge Plus|August 16, 2019|
that is still in my account. nope nothing changed even this early morning…

I was wondering Glowforge on what happened to you? I was waiting…and waiting…but you never DING!
I keep dreaming…ohhhhh…my craftroom will be no more dull looking… for in this corner where the un used dark area… A GLOWFORGE will bring bright GLOW on here… there will be creations made after day…after day…
and so… i bring out my wallet…pull out my golden card…which i tried not to touch…for this human being… is not rich as the others…I am only a regular person. without much but i fell i have enough.
with a trembling hand and heart ramming so wild… i open your site… there, i saw…GLOWFORGE MACHINE TO BRING OUT THE BEST IN YOU!! LET THE JUICE OF CREATIONS FLOW!!
SO… With a earthquake feeling i press the buy now button…when i did… i felt proud of myself but very scared… i keep thinking… …Its ok you did the right thing… 2 weeks of waiting…2 weeks of agony and not sleeping good. keep visiting my craftroom that is more dull like before… that corner… is asking me…YOU PROMISED ME!! IN TIME I WILL GLOW!! BUT NO!!! HOW COME IT STILL NOT TRUE?
I backstep…while apologizing…and making more promises… in time you will be as bright or more than brighter than the other corner…you will be GLOWING with pride as you FORGE A GLOWING CREATIONS.
with a shame i walked downstairs… made my number 4 cups of coffee…wondering why glowforge is not answering to me?
GLOWFORGE… what happened to your glow?

Sincerely yours


That was poetic. :smile:
(Hope you get it soon.)


thank you hahaha… Hopefully

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As creative as you are with words, I’m expecting some pretty awesome stuff once you do get your Glowforge. Good luck!


Many of us went through this, Some for over three years. I could have opted to wait for the filter but am endlessly glad I did not as that would have been next November and still not arrived. Instead I have made a lot of stuff over the past year and a half, I was expecting that the planned date would be a month after it arrived unexpected as it was supposed to be the time that the actual machinery got under way and not the day of arrival but apparently hundreds were sent that day by all the folks celebrating the same day I got mine.

Meanwhile learn the programs as needed of have stuff ready to go if you are very good with those programs already.

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I ordered my machine because it says delivery August 16, 2017. Earlier shipment is the reason i finally bite the bullet.
I am from Canada and financing is not available here. We have to pay the full amount upfront.
We at least deserved a email about the shipment status or tracking number.
I see some Buyer from Canada who ordered August 5th and 10th and already have their tracking number and their GF is already in there province.
My sentiments here is I ordered August 2 and still not see any improvement. no tracking…no emails from Glowforge.

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Creativity is just dying to get out! Cant wait to see some things that you come up with;)

And YES… what @rbtdanforth said!!! If you are not familiar with these programs that it takes to use this machine…start while you are ahead! Because…what is even more frustrating, is having it in your possession, sitting in your corner, looking all magnificent and sexy, and you can’t get not one thing that you have created to transfer at all. Much less correctly. It is quite overwhelming, actually. I wish I would have ran into the right forums or SOMETHING, that would have made me think that it was not going to be as easy as it looks. Because all of that time I spent oohing and aahhhing at it before getting the nerve up, I could have been educating myself on the appropriate criteria. So, if you download and install Inkscape, Adobe, or which ever one, and it looks like Chinese to you. Also, even if it does not look Chinese, and you are able to create, as I could on Microsoft, there is still a chance that you can create but not transfer. Sad but true:(

Goodluck Maria


I ordered my machine on August 14, 2017, because delivery at that point was promised for October. It became obvious in this group that other than folk had been waiting for 3 years and except for those that got PRUs still had not received their machines so I was behind them in getting my machine. As time past the time when folks who bought after me were supposed to receive their machines was the same time as I had been promised. In the end, I did not get my machine until Feb 2018, and that was still in the US, those that opted to wait for the filter and those in other countries were still waiting. I almost opted to wait for the filter that was only another 5 mo but now would be next November.

Those outside the U.S. still had to wait for the government to allow the import of the machines, and because they were “dangerous” levels of power, that took a lot longer than expected beyond the ability to build them. In the case of Canada Basic and Plus machines had it easy. but the Pro was a different designation and only the past few weeks has the first of those made it over the border, so even now are those waiting over four years beginning to get theirs. But it is happening at last.


That’s just not right that these tracking emails aren’t getting delivered. Given all the drama of the long wait for production units, and then the trickle for internationals, one would think that these would be solved.

Again, we only see a small percentage of orders and these tend to be problem ones.

It’s worth the wait though! But there always is that doubt because of other problems. Here’s to a successful shipment and faultless setup.


So sorry you didn’t get it when expected. It’s very hard … especially when it is a large cash outlay. I can’t remember ever having an unused corner of my craft room. I’m envious!

Prepare your material storage … it gets out of hand so easily. Prepare files to cut and engrave. You’ll be so excited when it actually comes … you’ll wish you had spent more time doing so.

Hoping your wait is over very soon!


Yeah, a bunch of us paid in full and waited years, so we know well exactly what you are feeling. For me and I’m sure many others, that was the biggest test of patience I’ve ever experienced!
The angst of all that waiting vanishes with that flashing button beckoning, and the wisdom of your instinct to throw your money comes through clearly.
Your crafting abilities are about to make a jump in magnitude. :sunglasses:


Apparently they dont know what happened to my order. Michael said the logistic team are still investigating what happened. he said they cant give me answer yet,

I AM… thinking of just cancelling. it gives me head ache and i get super stress as how they do the business…

I’m so sorry you haven’t received your tracking information yet! I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.