Glowforge got unplugged in the middle of a project

Can I pick up in the middle of a job? It’s all one image. So I can’t ignore parts .


sadly no, there is no loss of power restore on the machine. there are ways you can edit your original file and restart the print but it is not exact and hard to get right.

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If you haven’t already moved your image or your piece then you can mask the area right up to where you left off with something that will absorb the energy so it doesn’t engrave right through to your work piece. Then re run the entire thing and if you were very careful lining everything up you may not notice where it stopped.
Good luck.


Thanks community! @lrseverson They’re correct, and I’ll mention to the team that you’d like a way to be able to pick up a print like this.

Please create a new post if you have more questions.