Glowforge group on Thingiverse

Browsing Thingiverse today, I realized that there is no Glowforge group for collecting projects, etc. So, I created one for anyone that is interested.


No much there…yet. I did learn @geek2nurse’s real name though. :sunglasses:

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I’ve been outed! :wink:


I only saw one thing so far and none of the download files were SVG.

People will need to share their designs with the group. Unfortunately, I can’t add existing designs to the group directly. The one design I shared is a Fusion360 design; which could be used on any laser or CNC.


One more reason to get on Thingiverse. I use it a lot for inspiration and I need to share my projects. Thanks for the boost.


It’s too bad we can’t link existing things into the group… I have a collection I’ve been steadily adding to over the past couple years.

Each of us can only link “things” that we create to the group, but I created a forum to post other projects to, so that we can highlight interesting projects from others.

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For anyone that has designs on Thingiverse that you want to share with the Glowforge group, you’ll need to go to the Tell Us More section for each design and select the group(s) to share it with.

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