Glowforge Halloween contest over on the Discord server

In case you’re a forum person who hasn’t taken a look at the Discord yet, now might be the time. They’re running a spooky season contest. Details linked here: Discord

And the body of the contest announcement:

It’s Halloween month! We want to see your spookiest, creepy crawliest (think bugs), most unique, and funniest Halloween creations made on your Glowforge! Your treat if you win – a $20 Proofgrade gift card. Trick or Treat! :jack_o_lantern:

In the ⁠👻⏐halloween-contest channel in the Glowforge Community Chat, post one or more photographs of your Halloween-themed creation made on your Glowforge.

Four winners will be selected by the Glowforge team. One winner will be selected from each of the following four categories: (1) spookiest; (2) creepy crawliest (think bugs); (3) most unique; and (4) funniest. An entrant cannot enter more than once.

The contest will run from Friday, October 20, 2023 to Wednesday, November 1, 2023. Entries must be received by 11:59 PM Pacific Time on Wednesday, November 1, 2023.

Sorry, the contest is only for U.S. residents (we love you international folks, but legalese prevents us from awarding this to people outside of the U.S.


I should really make more holiday themed items but for some reason I just never do and idk why.


Join us over on the Discord and show us all the fun Halloween things you are making or have made! They don’t have to be new ones but if you have pics of older Halloween creations you have made, that works too!


Normally I make very little, but this year I’ve been inspired by a few things - so once I get it done I’ll post some pics up on Discord :slight_smile:


UPDATE: We just increased the dollar amount of the gift cards to $125! Woot!

Think about how much eco iron-on, acrylic, and basswood you can purchase if you win! Make sure to submit your best and spookiest by November 1 to win!


Contest ends tomorrow, so if you have any last minute creations, make sure to submit them before end of day tomorrow! Link here: Glowforge


Did the winners get posted anywhere on the forum? I can’t keep up with discord these days, life got busy, but I’d love to see.


Hi! I didn’t post them on the forums, so thank you for the reminder. Here is the link to the winners on the Discord post! Discord

Funniest: Here Lies My Sanity Coffin Stand from @CutzbyChistina
Most Unique: Iron Man Suit from @Tiny Blupris
Creepy Crawliest: Horror Movie Character Knife Prop from @ForbiddenEngravings Spookiest: Nightmare Before Christmas Lantern earrings from @ekla
Congrats and stay tuned for our next contest giveaway!


These are amazing, how cool.


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