Glowforge has a purple button!

Not sure what this means but my Glowforge button turned purple today. It was while I was trying to send a print and then lost a connection. When I canceled the print from the app it said my GF was offline. Restarting cured it

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If I remember right, purple means it lost it’s wifi connection. I’m sure someone who knows for sure will chime in :smile:

I figured as much. It’s fun to try and figure out what all the colors mean when it’s clearly something that was programed in and they’re not telling us :slight_smile:


Its strange to me that these colors aren’t listed in the manual… if thats the only way it communicates, it would be pretty critical in my mind.


Purple is a relic of some old code - it now means the same thing as yellow, which is “check the UI to see what’s happening”. We’re workig on making the UI more informative, though.


I have seen two, purple and with a long button press green.
Seeing any other than the expected flashing white startles me…