Glowforge has collected my shipping address. Now what?

I no longer have an estimated shipping date on my account and my shipping address has been collected (yea!). Wondering what happens now because I also have no notification of shipment nor any tracking information. What should I expect?


You should expect delivery of your Proofgrade and your unit. Neither will ship out immediately. Does the address request email still indicate up to 6-weeks? Providing your shipping address basically gives you a spot in the build queue. The good news is that it seems they have been getting them out really quick after the address request email. They should email you tracking information for the packages when they ship, but your best bet is to be signed up for UPS MyChoice and you can see when a package is created in the system for your destination.


Think Xmas at age 5…


Snort! So true! :smile:

I added my info on the 23rd and myUPS told me that my proof grade package is on it’s way. Haven’t gotten the other notification yet but I’ve been patient this long, I can wait a bit longer :smile: I don’t even have a project queued up waiting for it yet either. Ideas but nothing committed to SVG yet. I know next to nothing about how to do any of this but am very excited to receive my unit so I can start exploring and learning.

Got my golden email on 2/16 late in the evening. Proof grade showed up about a week later. Just got my shipping notice today 3/2. So two weeks to the day. I Hope yours comes as fast.



Golden email on the 20th for me, got the Proofgrade earlier this week, and just waiting on the Laser Baby now – which is giving procrastinatey old me time to get the ducting, wiring, and workstation finally in place :wink:

I can relate to the excitement. Got my proofgrade materials shipment notification today, and on the 27th I’d inputted my address. I’m so excited to get a chance to cut some of the many secret projects I’ve been working on.