Glowforge head not moving

I’ve reached out via email multiple times as well as called and left messages.
Glowforge has not responded to my means of contact to get the problem resolved.
The print head will not move.
My machine stays offline and will not connect to WiFi.
All the connections/clips are secure and connected.

I’ve reaching out to other communities and groups on Facebook and they are having the same problems coincidentally as I am. This is clearly a server issue and glowforge is either scrambling to fix without directly working with their customers or they simple do not care to offer support to small business owners relying on their product.

I need this resolved ASAP.

Glowforge customer service lack of customer service is thoroughly disappointing.

if your machine won’t connect to wifi, that is NOT a glowforge server issue.

did you do the network setup, teal button and all that?


This is not a Glowforge outage. Many users are happily cutting and engraving at this minute. Getting connected via wifi involves your own wifi signal when all of the Glowforge operations are normal. The Glowforge support team does seem to be slow in responding these days. Have you gone through the wifi troubleshooting steps?


Yes. In different areas of the workshop and even with WiFi from hotspots of iPhones and iPads. Nothing is working.

Yes. My internet speeds are high (With internet speed tests) and yet it still will not connect even with multiple tries and from sources of different hotspots with iPhones, iPads, and our normal WiFi/modem.

Specifically, my computer shows my machines glowforge’s WiFi and allowed my commuter to connect to my glowforge. Then when I connect to my WiFi, it shows “glowforge didn’t connect” and lists multiple reasons. None of these reasons are possible.

If your machine can’t connect to your wifi network, then either it’s broken and needs to be replaced, or there is an issue with the wifi.


Then it must be some kind of hardware failure.

If you remove your print head (disconnect it from the white cable) and then power up your machine, does the button turn orange after a minute?

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