Glowforge in Seattle for Sale!

Hi guys, so I pre ordered the glowforge on day 2 of pre orders and my glowforge is finally on its way! Unfortunately my situation has changed quite a bit since then and I will no longer be needing my unit.

I am in the seattle area and will be offering up my brand new glowforge basic for $3000. It should be arriving in a couple of weeks.

you can email me at


Im selling it at the current pre-order price. But without shipping or tax (a $400 discount). Someone gets to skip the wait and I get a reward for taking the risk with my money and patiently waiting for two years…

Seems like a fair deal to me…?


it’s fine, and totally your right to do it, obviously, don’t let some jealous hater get you down! :smiley:


I was joking…


joking bro… this happens every solar eclipse


i’m sorry, there’s no joking allowed here. consider your glowforge forfeit.


i love this gif, you know the brother threw both arms up in victory after

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also there’s an opportunity here for someone in seattle who ordered a basic to buy this now and sell theirs (or this one) when it comes and basically skip the wait for no cost. big outlay, though.

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Make sure about the warranties as far as it being transferable to another party.
I think I saw a thread on it somewhere, just to be sure!

I have already checked on this. The base warranty will transfer no problem.

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Yes, but the founder awards won’t transfer. So the discounts for Proofgrade material, the Instructables bonus (unless you hand over the $150 credit), the store discounts from the first year… none of that transfers, if I’m correct.

It’s pre-owned. Make it $2,000 + shipping.


Correct, and you also would not get any of those things if you ordered today. I understand this forum is mainly used by people who have already pre ordered, just figured I would post here incase it caught anyones attention.

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Oh, you will get attention. Also maybe a buyer. Why didn’t you just get a refund?

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Because I waited for almost 2 years now, I don’t want it to be for nothing. I have invested so much time into this thing reading about it and keeping up with developments, going to their office to meet the team and try it out, telling other people about how cool I think its going to be, and planning out future projects.I still want to at least have the day where the glowforge arrives at my door, I have waited too long for this haha

Plus this way I can help save someone save $400 and they can instantly receive a glowforge, and I get a giftcard, some materials and make a little money on the new pre order price difference. Seems like a win win to me.


…isn’t it only used by people who preordered? I thought purchasing was a prerequisite to joining the forum?

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Only owners (and their guests) can post, but the posts are visible to the public.

Guests can now as well?