Glowforge in the News: Welcome Brian Fioca


Welcome to the team, Brian! Thanks for coming to help make our Glowforges great!


Good to know I bought a laser cutter from a 3D printer startup. …


Brian is freaking amazing. You can read more about him here:

His “welcome project” is packaging up our provisioning software for the factory build & test process, so we can ship units directly from the factory instead of via the Glowforge offices. We’re deeply fortunate to have him.


Oh wow gee shucks! I’m super happy to be here. Thanks, Dan!

Also I made my first self-designed Glowforged thing on Thursday and omg. I literally have dreams about new designs every night now.

Anyway, I’ll do my best to help everything go out smoothly!


And even that could feel good info for a progress post.


Welcome, Brian!


Welcome @brianfioca!

I don’t expect to see much of you on the forums since you will be working hard engineering all the cool bits involved in my future Glowforge.


that’s the plan! :slight_smile: