Glowforge infographic

@dan would be interesting if you guys did a December info graphic showing how many prints, hours users etc and say the ramp up ramp down and then last minute like Christmas eve prints occurring. Just for funs


Yeah, I’ll bet they have some surprising metrics, even to them!


Indeed I think it would be a really cool thing to show, plus inforgraphics are always fun you and really make some call outs to fascinating things that people would not have thought of.

I know for one I was up at 1:30am 12/25 finishing up last minute gifts on the laser and boy did I give her a go on the 23/24 so would be cool to see the slow ramp up from black Friday peak at like 12/12 then ramp down ot 12/20 then do a super sharp climb on 12/23-24 etc… and who knows what other fun things. But I ithink it would be a super cool way to engage


My last gift came off the laser an hour before my son & gf arrived to unwrap it :slight_smile:


I was almost that bad, I we weeding on the drive to the parents as the G/F drove us from Windsor to west springfield


This would be really interesting! My family was just saying that the holiday season is probably the best test of their website’s capacity…we were burning a lot of stuff and barely had a hiccup as far as the interface goes.


That’s a great idea! Your instinct is right - tons of prints right before the holidays, then a big lull during the holiday.

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