Glowforge Internet : Frustrating Experience : Please help!

Here is my problem that keeps happening , and I do not think this is my Wifi that runs My TV flawlessly , Something else is happening, Can I Please get some help . Please .

UGH @!

Its 1: 08 am and I took this screen video it is not looped and playing in real time to show

You can clearly see the Select materials / than no Internet flashing every 2 to 3 mintues.

Please see video below : Could this be a ribbon cable going bad ???

Broken Internet :

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The process ends there for users who have operating equipment.

It sounds like you have problems with your WiFi or your internet connection, though it is possible that your Glowforge also has issues that should be addressed.

Your Glowforge needs a reliable connection. It doesn’t have to be fast, just reliable. The servers aren’t at capacity and the messages from the server aren’t gimmicks. You have a problem somewhere that needs to be sorted.


I have had my glowforge for 3 years , Att internet 1000 meg , has been flawless internet.
I remember when my Glowforge lit up and was ready within about 2 minutes, Now today its slow ,
There is a reason why I pay premium to be on the Fast Servers because the other servers are extremely slow.

The Problem is that the Webpage has been up for years and not Updated, and it need an UPDATE so new people dont go thu the Merry go Round and believe they are connected when they are not.

Most people will just restart the Whole Process over and over again , I hope I save someone the Frustration ,

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Just curious, have you actually looked into the reason behind the design choice… I do recommend anyone reading this topic to look into the benefits you gain by the setup. I won’t argue that technology has a way to go though.

I am sure others relate to you as well if they live semi off the grid (I use to for a longggg time) but glowforge appears to focus more on those with a stable internet connection. This is just judging by the fact that nowhere in GF commercials or adds do you see the GF being operated by the Brawny paper towels guy. Instead it’s a pretty suburban lifestyle they paint up.

The app does get updated often though…just FYI.

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What you are describing doesn’t make sense unless there is a problem between your Glowforge and your internal DHCP server, which is either in your modem or your WiFi access point depending on your setup. Your GF should remember its WiFi connection and not need to be reconnected! I have lost power and lost internet multiple times and have NEVER had to reconnect my Glowforge to my WiFi. The only time it had to be connected was when I got it. Every other time it has remembered the settings and connected as soon as it gets done booting.

The first time I connected my Glowforge it was exactly as you describe it should be. The videos that get posted are still the same ones that were posted years ago to help people connect.

Repeatedly having to connect your GF to your WiFi is a local issue. It is not a Glowforge server issue. It is a hardware issue in either your modem, your WiFi access point, or your Glowforge. What you are describing is not normal.


Guaranteed. The vast majority of us have no issues. WiFi integrity, not speed is important. Crowded channel, interference, there’s several ways your WiFi can cause the laser to lose it’s communication with the servers. Have you ever tried your phone as a hotspot to connect to?

i’ve had the machine 4 years now and never had the behavior you describe.


Disclaimer: I have not looked at the video you posted.

This is just my story which may or may not provide some insight. When I received my GF I lived in a congested area and had Spectrum high speed internet. I was constantly dropping WiFi. I could determine that one of the interference was my Apple TV. Any time I tried to run my GF and my Apple TV at the same time they would both act up. I am by no means an expert on these things so can not explain why but I can tell you my GF would go off line and/or my Apple TV would cut off.

That was the one thing I could actually find but there were other times I was going offline without explanation. As I said, I lived in a congested area. Looking at other WiFi there were so many being picked up, not to mention there were so many devices just on my own network.

The solution I found was that I put my GF on a guest network and I did not put any other devices on it in my home. That solved 90% of my problems.

We have since moved to a much less congested area. Between the guest network and I believe a big drop in competing networks I have had zero issues with going off line. So I think what everyone else says is so true. A stable connection is so important. I had fast all along but there was just too much interference that it was not stable or consistent.


Ummm…No. You keep on saying stuff like this but it is just not true. Sorry for your trouble but it’s time you checked things at your end.


I’m sorry for the ongoing trouble with your unit staying connected. I saw that you have multiple forum threads open that reference this, so I’m going to close the others and our team will continue to assist you in the original thread you started recently:

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