Glowforge Investigation


I’m curious… Does Glowforge read through these forums and create files on everybody? I don’t mean in a privacy issue sort of way. But in the way that it’s good business. Like how one should know 50 things about each client. Like

Thomas Alessi
Goes by "Tom"
Occupation: Computer Network Engineer
Occupation: DJ/KJ
Kids: 3 (19F, 11F, 8M)
Experienced PhotoShop user.
Inexperienced in Illustrator but willing to learn
Inexperienced in 3D modeling but willing to learn
Prime OS: Windows
Other OS: Android
Lasers Owned Currently: Glowforge
Lasers Owned Ever: none
Glowforge Status: Unshipped (Position in queue: 2)

Things like that.

I wouldn’t mind at all. Again, it’s good business. Totally just curious.

  • Tom


Everything except the “position in queue”. Not entitled to alternate facts.


Oh, I’m thinking it’s pretty accurate. We’ll see! :wink:


just whatever tidbits remain in my head from hanging with you all online.


That comment with the smiley avatar , just a tad creepy, not going to lie. Like 80s horror creepy :stuck_out_tongue:


There were a few Question of the Day threads where staff asked some of that information to help them understand us better.


You can’t be number 2 inline, because I’m number 2 and so is my wife! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Uh-oh! Chuckle! (Not sure that’s the best way to be remembered here.) :smile:

(I’m too crazy here…)


You forgot : Great sense of humor. :yum:


What does GF wanna know about me? I’m under their spell, will tell them anything.


hahaha! :joy_cat:


I have incriminating information on myself and I am NOT afraid to spill the beans!! :grin:


Those of us in the witness protection program have to be careful what we share. I fear I have already disclosed too much.:bust_in_silhouette:


I thought all of us would be Number Six. Or at least aspire to it.


The prisoner?


Least you all know you are number 2 in line, since I am Number 1 :smiley:


…pre Austin Powers


Bizarre last episode! And I have watched and read several interpretations :monkey_face::gorilla:


" I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, or numbered! My life is my own!"