Glowforge is a little too noisy


At least according to the O’Twins. But I think they’ll get used to it.


My 6yo son does the exact same thing.


They will get used to it. Even my cats don’t care about the noise.


If they don’t, I say ditch the twins.


They still count as a tax break, though…:thinking:


So does the Glowforge if it’s a business expense. :wink:


Good point, so you might need to consult a tax accountant to determine which of the two (the twins or the :glowforge:) bring the highest return.


That’s what they used to tell apprentice riveters in dockyards. It would only take about three weeks before they were deaf as posts.

Invest in some ear protection for your children. Hearing loss is irreversible.


Been a while since I’ve done OSHA regs but if I remember correctly, the PEL (permissible exposure limit) was 8 hours at 90 decibels - well beyond what the Glowforge produces.


Short term, probably the Glowforge. Long term, probably the twins.


They just need to listen to more loud music.


I wish my ears were still that sensitive. won’t be much longer before they are blasting music into their skulls.


Noise cancelling headphones. Cheaper earplugs or muffs. All of this repetitive noise can be detrimental over time.


just running idle I measured 59-70db. There were some higher peaks but i was also typing and mouse clicking.


I was scrolling to see if anyone had a proper db meter


Well, mine isn’t. Just my iPhone with an app. But I have worked in live sound environments as a mixer with a “real” db meter and the phone is only 1-3 dB difference at any volume I observed. Always a tad under. But no guarantee on the accuracy of the meter either as it was fairly old and not expensive either but I figure since I wasnt in need of scientific accuracy, either reading was close enough to be considered an accurate reading.