Glowforge is lost and I am getting nowhere

Well, I ordered a Glowforge a couple of weeks ago. To my surprise it was supposed to arrive Thursday then Friday, then Saturday. I called FedEx many times and got nowhere. Now it says tomorrow night. I spoke with FedEx 3 times already today and they said the package is lost and they need to do a trace. I know this isn’t Glowforge’s problem as they shipped it. What is irritating me (and I didn’t know this until now) is that I can’t actually call someone at Glowforge and tell them what is going on. I have to email, which I have done twice now. I have no idea what is going to happen here.

Will Glowforge support actually get back to me? FedEx is calling it lost, Glowforge is a robot and I am out 4K. Maybe I do a refund request and get something else or maybe that’s me talking crazy because I am so frustrated right now. Someone talk some sense into me please :expressionless:

Each email and this post will show up for them as separate problems that they will have have to decide which of the many goes with which, and that will take longer to sort out.

As for Fed-x there has to be an investigation to trace where it went and then you will probably have a different one on the way. Given the time of year that is more difficult than usual. And on top of that it is the weekend.

They will get back to you, but it was the weekend and they are on the West Coast. Give it a bit. It will work out.

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Have had a bunch of packages from other companies that magically disappear from the FedEx/UPS systems only to reappear a couple days later. A few showed up at my doorstep while the system showed no deliveries. The systems don’t always work. Thursday to Monday is not a reason to panic. Having a package reported as lost, the same. In a week it’s quite likely that you will wonder why you were so upset. You are not out any money. You will get the machine, either now or after it’s been determined to be actually lost. Either way there is little that can be done on your end other than reporting it and wait.


This is the oddest thing. I just got off the phone less than an hour ago and FedEx was apologizing and said they will do a trace and figure it out. 10 minutes ago it showed up on my door. Website says its going to be delivered later this week. Crazy.

Either way, this thread was more of a question on how GF support was in their responses. I personally think quick responses and awesome customer service make a great company which is why I was asking. Still no response from GF but this thread can be closed. Thanks for all of the replies.


Just so you can be at ease… The GF is more than on box. If you don’t have both yet, it will come very quickly.


My wife said there are 2 boxes there. I will check everything out when I get home. This is totally on FedEx, GF shipped earlier than expected. Thanks all.


I’m sorry to hear that! I double-checked the shipment details for your order and it’s marked as delivered at 1:14 PM. Definitely let us know if that’s not the case.

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It looks you’ve been printing since I last heard from you! I’m happy to see your Glowforge found its way home. I’ll be closing this thread now. If you need anything please open up a new post or email us at