Glowforge is loud



I’ve received my Glowforge basic and got it up and running. The cuts/engraves are beautiful, but the Glowforge is so loud that I will need to reconsider whether we can set up in in room where other people are working. It is much louder than other laser cutters I’ve worked with (ULS, Epilog, FSL Hobby laser cutter).

I want to find out what other people are experiencing, and whether my unit might have a problem that makes it louder than expected.

Measured 2 feet in front of the Glowforge, it reads 74 decibels when running, and 52 decibels when quiescent (no jobs running, smoke cleared, initial calibration complete). Almost all of the noise is fan noise. I have it vented out through a window with a long duct (the one provided).

Bill Pugh


I’m finding it loud but I can continue use to work in the same room. The room is a small bedroom. I find I can talk, but not nesscessarily have a long conversation or watch videos.

I would like it quieter. I’ll do some forum searches when I get time from some people who have figured a way. Again it does seem to be the fan.


People have said a lot of the noise is transmitted through the duct. It’s possible that having some sound insulation on it would help, although you will then be “not using the approved ventilation system”.

From the little I’ve seen of other lasers, they tend to have purely external exhaust systems, which is probably why they’re quieter. The Glowforge is relying on one internal fan to push a lot of air all the way out.


It’s the compromise of being compact. Small fans make more noise than larger ones moving the same volume of air because they spin faster.


This Deals with the fan noise from the intake, There are several other threads on the the exhaust too


But it is so soothing! But really I don’t mind it at all. Maybe it is close to some color noise. Maybe I should break out audacity :slightly_smiling_face: and do a spectrum analysis


I use the Speedy Spectrum app on my phone for quick audio analysis.


Is this annoying loud or neighbors calling police loud?


I know nothing about noise cancellation but I did record the forge at idle and reversed the phase. It didn’t do much :slight_smile:

I think noise cancellation is pretty tough when you move into larger areas. Headphones work well because of those constraints. I know they make “noise eating machines” that basically do what I quickly attempted to do, but with live processing. And perhaps the Glowforge is too much like white noise - be the resultant phase shift is just more white noise.


My (cheap) Hoover is almost twice as loud, judging by ear.


I think whether it’s acceptable depends strongly on the environment. I don’t find it to be that bad, but I’m not sharing the room with anyone. It’s a hell of a lot quieter than my X-Carve, which I can’t use without earplugs.


That’s a concern of mine, so i stop forging at 10pm incase.


Ditto for me


Why not just buy a Fenton Silencer?


I suspect that the answer may be subjective and/or situational. Venting set up + household acoustics may be a factor there.

One user (I think it was @Clone but can’t remember for sure) had a complaint from their HOA, but they were able to take steps to mitigate the noise.

FWIW, I tend to be highly sensitive and I don’t find the GF noise level to be obnoxious or unbearable. My husband and I can talk while it’s running - though it would probably be annoying to have an extended conversation while it’s going. Hubs was unable to watch a video while it was running, but his desk is right beside the GF.

We’ve checked to see how bad the sound is from outside. You can definitely hear it, but it’s certainly not extreme. Nobody has complained since I started using this PRU in April.

YMMV, but IME the noise level has not been too off-putting.


I wonder what effect the filter has on noise. It could make it better or worse. I am surprised they haven’t surfaced yet. Will they be beta tested and then pre-production versions or will they just get shipped straight out in bulk?


My home made filter with still dump to window killed all exhaust noise with the only noise remaining the intake noise


I’ve read mixed reviews on the noise levels. When I get mine, I will make my own opinions of it. From what I’ve heard, it is more quiet than my vacuum, which neither disturbs my neighbors or my cats, and much more quiet than my coffee grinder, which disturbs corpses in the nearby cemetery. If I find it too loud, I have a few ideas for dampening that while allowing normal function.


I didn’t measure or anything, but I’ve often said that my :glowforge: is about as loud as my normal household vacuum cleaner.


Yes the filter could absorb a lot of noise from the GF output but it has its own outlet into the room, so that could add it all back again. It could go either way I think.