Glowforge is moving but not cutting/etching

I have only had my Glowforge Pro for about 2 weeks, and it has stopped cutting/etching. The print head moves like it is supposed to, but is not producing anything. I checked the power, the lens for cleanliness, and the ribbon is connected properly. Any ideas why it’s not working?

Have you tried a known good file? Also check the power setting – sometimes it defaults to 1 if the material is unknown.

Yes I have double checked the power and I have tried the artwork from the glowforge archive.

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Likely a failed power supply or tube.

You need to print the Gift of Good Measure on the medium draftboard provided for testing, and post pics of the front and back. Note the time/timezone, support can check the logs, and will replace the machine if deemed necessary.

I’m so sorry to hear that you’re running into trouble with your Glowforge. I’ve extracted the log files from your Glowforge to review your most recent prints, and compared it with the details you’ve provided.

Unfortunately, it looks like most of your most recent prints were canceled, so I was not able to review the image that your lid camera takes after completing the print to verify the snag you’re hitting.

When attempting to print, and you notice the laser not leaving the Printer Head or marking the material, are you noticing any light flashing inside of the laser tube?

I’d also like to take a look at a specific optical component from inside of your Glowforge. Could you send over a photo of the 45-degree located in the top of your Printer Head, similar to the one below:

Once we can confirm these details, and review the image of the 45-degree mirror, I’ll send over the next best steps.

No there aren’t lights from the laser tube. Here is a picture of the mirror.

Thank you for posting the photo of the mirror.

I’ve just sent you an email with the next steps. We’ll continue to work on this with you there, so this post will be closed.