Glowforge is on it's way

I received notification that my basic Glowforge will be arriving Mon 10/16/17. I received my proof-grade supplies today. Not sure if I should twiddle my thumbs or actually get every thing ready for my Glowforge. Aw what the heck I will twiddle my thumbs. Soooo excited. Thank You Glowforge.


Time to get ready now. ROFL! :smile:


Got the table? Got the exhaust figured out? Know the ins and outs of your network setup routine. Open up the Proofgrade and figure out what your first cut will be. Go through the setup guidelines in the manual so that you understand the steps that are needed. Often it is easier to to the wifi handoff with a mobile device and the desktop computer that you will be using for the GFUI remains connected on the network with the app open. So the setup browser app is open in your mobile device. OH, and have a meal figured out because you won’t want to be interrupted that evening to fetch food.


Food who needs food at a time like this. I will just hook up to an IV. My problem is I will get the Glowforge on Monday & then I go on vacation so I will have to wait till I get back on the 29th.


I got my pkg of proof grade today too, but still no word on when my GF is shipping.
Hoping I hear something soon!


Probably about a week.


LOL…we used to say that back in the day when we just got on the internet, ah those days, soooo many MANY years ago, over two decades, dare I say it.

Yeah, that was fun, NEVER AGAIN, but yeah, that was fun.

I think the GF gonna REALLY gonna make fasting SO much easier! LOL
Kinda like when we are playing video games :stuck_out_tongue:


Man, I hope so!

I hope I get notice soon…darn it, we still have to pull the trigger on the Amazon cart, and then Ikea.



Sign up for UPS My Choice. You’ll most likely get a notification through that a few days before Glowforge sends a tracking number.

After that relax and work on preparing files and materials for your first few projects. It will probably be a week or two before you have your Glowforge, but that’s not much longer to wait in the grand scheme of things. And it gives you time to prepare.


Oh yeah, I been with them for a while now :smiley:

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I got my proof grade materials today & My e-mail today saying my Glowforge is on it’s way & I checked UPS & they have me down for delivery for Monday 10/16/17