Glowforge is Real!

My wife received our Glowforge today after 2 years, 2 months and 16 days. I won’t get to use it for a couple months but she will. Box had a little ding in the top and one handle missing.




Congrats! (Hope you don’t have to wait that long to play with it!) :grinning:


Thank you for your service Chief. :+1:


Well it isn’t a usable Glowforge and will have to be sent back…

Really bad crack in it. UPS is pretty violent to these things. And not the first thing I have had shipped that came broken. I have already started a thread in problems and support.


Crud! :neutral_face:

Wow! That had to be dropped from a considerable height to do that with the laser nestled in the foam cage.
Sorry for the let down, but they will get right on a replacement.


Based on there responses to everyone else that has had a damaged machine I am not to worried.


Rats!! So sorry!

They will definitely get you taken care of ASAP.

With the pro were are the glasses they ship with it? Are they supposed to be in the accessory kit?

IIRC, yes, they were in the accessories box.

For the record, my like of the cracked case was a sympathy like/UPS hate.

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Mine are not in the accessory box. And we didn’t take anything out of the inside of the Glowforge to see if they were in there before it got packed back up.

It was August, so don’t trust my memory. I do strongly remember that they had their own little room in some foam. So it could have been the big foam around the laser.

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The glasses are in the foam inside the main unit now.


So for anyone that has sent one back. We leave everything that came inside the Glowforge in it correct? We did not unpack unscrew or remove anything from the inside.

I would guess so. The only one I returned was the PRU and those didn’t come with all the goodies. (Kept the rather nasty vent hose - figured they didn’t want that back.) :smile:

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Tech support just responded and told me since we never opened up the lid and removed anything to just send it all back. There responsiveness has been amaizing. Not sure that I have ever had that quick of a response from anyone. Next wave automation who made my CNC machine is almost on Glowforge’s level for support. I like companies that go out of there way when something goes wrong.


Yea!!! You’ll love it.

I returned the new one. Figured they could use that. Kept the old one.

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