Glowforge is running very slow

My glowforge is running very slowly… what would cause this? It’s been running fine until tonight.

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Do you mean the machine or the app? If the app seems sluggish, clear your cache and/or use a different browser.

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no my machine is moving slow. it worked just fine this morning and tonight for some reason it’s very slow

The printhead movement is slower than your speed settings? Can you share a photo of the interface showing the settings for power/speed/lpi? Is it cutting properly?

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Attn all glowforge users … This
machine is great when it works but the second
it doesn’t- don’t expect ANY HELP from this company !!!
My machine has been stuck “calibrating” for
the past 8/ 9 months and glowforge offers NO
and no help aside from bouncing you from person to person via email with endless requests for the same pictures over and over.

They say they promote/ support creative businesses but it’s a lie
Buying a $7000 machine means nothing - they don’t can’t about you - your business or your investment

I am at a total loss at how this company completely represents itself

@jodimaiden The speed at which everything moves is controlled by you and your settings. Check that you’re using the same speeds you were previously. Different materials and different types of artwork will result in different default settings being applied, and e.g. there’s a big difference between how fast the print head moves when set to draft graphic vs HD photo for example. There’s nothing else that would cause your machine to run at a different speed besides the job settings.

@adamr It’s pretty rude and unhelpful to post a crazy-sounding ‘announcement’ in the middle of someone else’s support thread. You were super happy with the support you got last time you posted a question in the forum in 2020. Being stuck in the startup calibration is usually an easy one to fix: it’s either bad wifi signal reception, or a bad black lid cable. Make a post of your own if you’d like some help troubleshooting.


That’s essentially like going into a political rally and yelling something against the person the rally is for. LOL

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