Glowforge is starting to make me feel creative!


I’m really liking how the Glowforge is helping me to grow creatively. It’s a slow process but I’m getting there! The other night a friend of ours came over with some of her artwork so that we could try to make some interesting things. She wanted to work with some of her Easter egg doodles, so we picked one with some interesting lines and used the forges scan and print ability. What came out was so much better than what we were thinking. Our friend was absolutely laughing with glee.

We printed another one (in the background of the below) that gave some nice depth to what our friend thought was a very basic and boring design. We printed a few other designs but I didn’t get a photo of those. They got me thinking today about how to really make them pop a bit more.

So today after work, I scanned one of my favorite pieces into the computer and did some minor work on it. In the below, you can see the original art and what I turned it into. I removed some of the speckles and made them cuts. Some of the flowers I pushed into the background with a 70% engrave. Messed up a couple of things in the ordering of cuts and engraves but got pretty lucky and things wound up coming out better because of that. The only thing I REALLY messed up was the center of the bottom right flower. It should have been pushed into the background as well. Honestly though, I now wish I had let all of the centers stay in the foreground for more depth. Very happy with the final product.


Really nice work.


Really nice result!


Gorgeous! Looks like you are already an expert.


Those are some great Easter egg designs! :grinning:


Thanks cynd11! Right now I’m still happy when I have an “oops” that turns out unexpectedly well!


Thanks Jules! The credit really goes to our friend, who is much more of an artist than I am.


Some of the best art results from collaboration. :slightly_smiling_face:
(You just have to double up and make two of each so you can each keep one.)


I just finished the second one 5 minutes ago :slight_smile:


Lovely pieces!


Lovely! So much fun!


Really wonderful! making me want to do some more traces. I’ve done only one.


Not an “oops” it’s a “design enhancement.” :grinning:


If someone likes your work… you are an artist. When you sell one piece… you are a paid artist. Don’t sell yourself short. I was at a loss for words once when a friend (who I consider an amazing musical talent!) wanted his wife to see a carving I had done… he said I was so talented. It still humbles me.