Glowforge is stuck in centering mode and the head won't move

hi i have a Glowforge plus and last night into this morning it will not get out of centering mode. It won’t update the image bed. I have done everything. I restarted my wifi multiple times. Ive tested my wifi. Its up to speed standards, Ive updated the wifi connection to my glowforge in the glowforge set up thing. I’ve cleaned all the items. Ive moved the head to the middle under the camera and nothing is moving it. when i turn on the glowforge it does all the normal sounds but the head never moves. so i don’t think its calibrating. I don’t know what else to do. if you could please help me i would really appreciate it!

Work thru the steps here, that will save time when support checks in.

Have you tried connecting your machine to your phone via a mobile hotpspot?

I did all those steps

I haven’t done that but when i open the lid it tells me the lid is open and when i turn it off it says offline. So I am assuming it isn’t a wifi issue. the head of the glowforge just won’t move around.

its just one more thing to check, You may have good internet/ wifi but it says nothing of the signal from the machine back to the router. Doing the hotsopt will test that.

just tried it its the same problem. the head won’t move

Sounds like a physical problem then, will need to wait for support staff.

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Thank you for trying to help

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I’m having the same issue! weird…

Hey there - I saw another post where the solution was to take out the material from the bed.
I restarted my route + removed the material - and now it works! :slight_smile:

Good luck!


I’m sorry you ran into trouble with this. Thanks for taking the time to do some initial troubleshooting. I’ve extracted the logs from your Glowforge and based on what I see, it’s likely that the black cable on the lid has a problem. I’d like to send you a replacement for that cable, along with some instructions on how to replace it so we can get you back to printing as quickly as possible.

I’ll be in touch shortly via email to sort out the details.

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