GLowforge isn’t cutting acrylic cleanly

So I have owned my GF for the last week and I am running into some issues….
Today it did not cut cleanly even though it was proofgrade acrylic. Also on a side note images didn’t line up when viewing it on the computer, after it engraved.


This part is normal.

As for the not cutting through:

  • did you use “set focus”?
  • are you certain that your crumb tray is flat and fully seated with all 4 feet in the dimples at the bottom of the GB body?
  • if the tray is flat, are you certain that your acrylic is totally flat on the crumbtray?

Welcome to the forum. There are lots of people here that will try to help you, but we are just Glowforge owners like you are. Glowforge support personnel do not monitor this forum.

Was your material held flat to the honeycomb? Have you successfully cut acrylic before? Have you worked through the Glowforge tutorials?


I tried to set focus but that was not working or changing anything. Everything else checked out.

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