Glowforge keeps grouping objects on import

I have done this multiple times before with no issues.
Today, whenever I import something from Inkscape into the Glowforge App, it groups all those object together. The file has 3 different TEXT engravings that go onto 3 separate places on the project. (Each text is a short scripture from the Bible.)
Yes, I convert Objects to Paths inside Inkscape so the Glowforge will treat it as an object and not text. I’ve done this multiple times with no issues until today.
Yes, I have all 3 texts as different colors inside Inkscape.
I have tried grouping each text into a single group, so Glowforge will see 3 objects.
I have tried ungrouping everything before inporting to Glowforge.
I have tried separating them LITERALLY 6 inches away from each other inside Inkscape.
Glowforge continues to GROUP them together, so I can’t position them where each one goes.
I don’t have this issue with multiple shapes, for instance, just Text.

This is driving me insane. I finally gave up and am now just importing each single Text (Scripture) one at a time and engraving it, then move onto the next one.

Has something changed?
Is there another method to do this.
I made the EXACT same project last week with these EXACT same files, and Glowforge DID NOT group them this way then. But today… nope…
Any ideas?

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Can you share the Inkscape file so someone can see if they have the same problem with it?

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Here is the file. All I have done to this file today
is grouping and ungrouping different ways to try to troubleshoot this. (62.4 KB)

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So I dragged your file into the interface. I ungrouped it. Now I can draw a rectangle around section and move them together. Do you have premium?

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You may not have noticed that a message pops up when you upload this to the Glowforge:

(!) This design contains many elements
The elements have been grouped.

You can right click on the group in the app and choose “ungroup”.


To avoid the “many elements” situation in the future, you can combine the hundreds of paths that make up each verse into one path, or rasterize each verse as an image before uploading.


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You guys are amazing. I will try this after this one finishes engraving.
I say that popup, but didn’t really know what it meant, other than it grouped them.
I was unaware that you could right click inside the app to get that option to ungroup.
I don’t have Premium.


Good grief… I feel like a dope… :grin:

I must have “un-combined” them or something in Inkscape or something, since it worked fine before.
Thanks guys… you are my heroes.

I guess Glowforge Support can close this…


The threshold, if anyone is curious, is 200 separate objects.

Thanks for the answer @dan84 and @dklgood, you are both right! Thanks for your input. I’m going to close this thread - if you have further questions on grouping, go ahead and post a new topic, or email us at