Glowforge keeps skipping around for no reason

Does anyone know why the Glowforge just keeps jumping around for no reason? The

file is one file that has been bound together with the pathfinder. The Glowforge does not get bumped but it keeps moving around.

does it complete the job? - when you say skipping around it does parts of it then jumps to another section? mine does that all the time…

Check your belts and rails for debris.


They are all free and clean. And it jumps at the same part every time.

betty, does the glowforge do it for every job, or just this one?
you may have a corrupt file, if you do the Gift of good measure, does the laser skip around?

and can you be more specific when you say its ‘skipping?’



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Can you see the pictures I posted? Not sure if they posted with the thread or not. But it’s not like a laser bump or anything. The “h” in the name “Maceigh” prints way above the rest of the name and then nothing lines up. I tried to recalibrate but every time I have recalibrated lately it tells me “not completed- the process was interrupted. So no changes were made to you calibration.”

That is really strange.

Would you be comfortable sending the SVG file to one of us so we can examine the XML in it to make sure it is not a file problem?

From your pictures I don’t think it would be a file issue, because the movement is not exactly the same in each. But I don’t know what else would cause something like this??

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Yes I would absolutely send the file. Where should I send it too?

If you don’t want to post it for the whole world here. You can DM (direct message) it to someone.

I would be glad to look at the file for you and see if I see anything “weird” with it.

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Alright guys, It is still doing it. I have deep cleaned the whole machine and it is still jumping and not following the path. Does anyone have any idea what is going on? I have wasted so much money that I am upside down on the last four projects.

Gold Medals

I posted the wrong Valentine’s Day game card
Valentines Day Card

How are you creating your files? If you look at the Gold Medals in outline mode, you will notice overlapped lines and additional issues.

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I make all my files in AI. I’m fine if they overlap. The snow flakes are just scored on the medals so the overlapping parts are just for off the edges. This has been happening with all my files not just this one :frowning:

I don’t see anything wrong with the file. But just as a test I made some changes to it. I separated some objects and merged others. Can you try this?
Valentines Day Card
(I truthfully don’t expect it to act differently, because I don’t think there was anything wrong with the first file.)

I printed your file on cardboard (the snowflakes medal) and there was no misalignment of the circles relative to the snowflakes.

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That sounds like an actual issue with the :glowforge: then :frowning:

Bad motor or bad belt?

:sob: huge bummer… these are supposed to be done by Sunday but I’ve been dealing with this for weeks. Time to outsource, I guess :pensive:

I am going to try to recalibrate AGAIN. It’s like it’s starting to far to the right and then not leaving enough room on the left. I’ve tried recalibrating three times now so we’ll see how it goes…

The mis-alignment during the print has nothing to do with calibration.

All the calibration process does is adjust the lid camera view to the actual location of the beam. That adjustment is only used to help you position the design on your material, it has no effect on normal prints, and minimal effect on passthrough alignment.

Your issue is related to the belts or the motors themselves.

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I read this after I already did the calibration :woman_facepalming:t2: And you are correct, it did nothing… sent an email to support last night but I don’t think I will hear back from them until Monday.
Thank you all so much for your help. You are all awesome people!

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