Glowforge lagging app

Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone is having issues with the app being very slow and really laggy. I’ve tried different web browers but nothing works we it does work even moving a piece of art take like 5 min do to lag. Any advice would be really helpful thank you.

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This is usually resolved by clearing your cache and/or using a different browser. It is definitely frustrating, but it usually is not system wide. I am not experiencing any difficulty at this time. You already stated that you have tried different browsers, so my comments will not seem very helpful, and I am sorry. You can also try resetting your router.


The app does not communicate with the GF cloud once your design is loaded, with the exception of additing artwork if you have premium, and of course when you go to print.

You can move things around and make changes without an internet connection.

So if you are experiencing issues with multiple browsers, look for something that has changed on your PC overall.

Sorry - forgot to add this, where I show the UI works just as well without an internet connection as with. This design has something like 40,000 nodes.

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