Glowforge Lid Wont Close Properly - Glass Unseats on Right Side from Metal at Back When Closing

My Glowforge Pro’s lid will not seat properly anymore when closing. It comes out of the metal track that holds the glass at the back of the machine. When I close it - the right side of the glass is lifted and won’t close flat. I cannot figure out how to re-seat the glass into that track and it not warp out again the next time I close it. The glass seems to reiseat into the metal strip when open but once closed the right side comes out each time. I have included some photos for reference.

I asked Glowforge support, a few times, who promptly replied, each time, that they don’t support that part of the machine without so much as a phone call or video chat to try and help determine what the issue is and how to fix it. So now I have a $7000+ POS sitting I cannot use and my only source of income is suffering.

Has this happened to anyone else that can maybe help me = PLEASE and THANK YOU in advance!

There are a number of solutions to repair the strip that has come unglued. It’s been a problem for many owners. Just do a search on this forum and you will find what you need to repair it.
Second, the machine has a fairly soft case that requires a nice flat surface. This can easily be corrected by shimming up a corner until the lid doesn’t drag and sits flush. Just pry up one corner at a time to see which one needs the shim.


This exact thing happen to me. If your not under warranty you can request for Glowforge to sell you a refurbished unit with your trade in for about $1200 or you can use 5 minute epoxy to glue the glass lid. The epoxy may or may not last very long. the 1st time I epoxied my lid it lasted about 1 week & then separated again. The second time I epoxied the lid it is still going strong & I epoxied it in November 2022. There is another solution & is a permanent one, you can buy a Glowforge After Market Bracket off Ebay for $149.00 & install it. I bought one & I will install it if & when my lid separates from the 2nd epoxy. Hope this is helpful. You can see on You Tube regarding using 5 minute epoxy for the Glowforge lid.


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