Glowforge lid won't open all the way

My GF was working fine all day. I finished a cut, closed the lid, then went back to put in a new piece of wood and the lid would only go up 1-2" then it felt like I would need to force it open. I don’t want to break anything. I looked at the hinges on the back and didn’t see anything stuck in them. I can’t check the hinges on the inside of the lid since I can’t open it. Any idea what I can do to fix this?

do you have any photos of the hinges from what you can see?

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You’re absolutely right to not try to force it.

My first thought: either hinge is broken or something is wedged into the gap for the hinge to swing (hitting something).

As @MyDogsThinkImCrazy said, photos would be great.

If you can lift the lid by 1-2 inches, then pull open the bottom door on the front and remove everything that is inside: material and crumb tray. Then, if your arm is long enough, reach inside to the hinges. Do you feel anything wrong?

My lid isn’t perfectly centered and sometimes rubs glass on glass. (I can wiggle it back to the center.) Could your lid be hitting the side and causing a problem?


This can be fixed by shimming up a corner of the machine with a few pieces of paper or cardboard.


I had this happen one time and when it did the rear left side hinge had somehow raised up from where it is attached to the case. When your lid is closed is the glass flush with the outside surfaces of the machine on left and right sides? If not press it down gently until it is back in place. Mine only ever did this once and that was years ago so I haven’t bothered even looking into how it did it.


Looks like the problem is on the left side. There is a fraction of an inch play. I press it down and it slightly pops up. At least I know now where the problem probably is. Thanks for your tip.


Yeah mine was also the left side. I was able to push it back down into place and never again had any issue with it.
Good luck.

What happens if you carefully try to open the lid while depressing the lid immediately above the hinge?

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