Glowforge made a loud bag, died and won't turn back on?

I submitted a ticket to Support, but was hoping there might be some community wisdom out there to help!

I just got my warranty replacement Glowforge yesterday and have run four jobs since. I finished running a test cut for our wedding centerpieces, and about five minutes later, there was a loud bang, and now the Glowforge won’t turn on.

I have it plugged into a surge protector, and everything else is still working fine. Not much of a load, just a light, and an air purifier.

Any suggestions on what I can do?

Is it a Basic or a Pro?
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Did you check the little staple in the back of the machine to make sure it’s still stuck in? (Only thing I can think of that might shut it down aside from a serious problem.)

Yea it’s still in there. :frowning:

Does it smell of burning electronics? Sounds like the PSU exploded and you will be on to your second replacement unfortunately.

It is worth checking the mains cable so you are absolutely sure it is getting power.

No smell, but I will check the cable. I left it unplugged overnight.

Still dead :frowning:

Does CS work on the weekend? It’s 21 days till my wedding and I have a lot of stuff to make. Starting to get worried :frowning:

They seem to be on during nights & weekends but it can also seem to take really variable time to get answers.

If you have your files ready I’m sure there are a number of us who would be glad to help print some of your centerpieces so you can get married :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s awesome and I may take you up on that. Right now we are in the prototype phase. I haven’t sent back the original defective Glowforge with the bad fan, so I may end up using that one if I can get an ok from @Rita @dan @jaz until they can send me another replacement.

I have to make 50 6x3x3 planters out of medium clear acrylic. I also have to do a bunch of other things as well. I really appreciate the offer!

Swap the fan with new one?

I don’t think they do. They sent me an email on Friday to confirm that I want to proceed with a warranty replacement for my Glowforge. I responded to that email on Friday and haven’t heard anything since.

I’d have to take the whole machine apart, so that first work.

Good news is they are really fast on the replacement. I got mine in under a week. I’m just worried that it gives me less than 2 weeks to complete the centerpieces. Each one takes a hour or so to cut and engrave. So I’m looking at 50 hours of production time.

I think many of us would be willing to help out.

I’m so sorry to hear that this happened with your replacement Glowforge! You’re welcome to continue using your original unit while we arrange a new replacement. Thank you for your patience; I’ll send an email shortly with more details.