Glowforge MakerFaire Twitch Stream of Live Demo

Here is the link to the glowforge demo streamed over twitch: (skip to 39:35)

They were having microphone issues, so the audio is a bit rough, but for those willing to brave it, it could be a worthwhile watch.


Too bad there were so many problems with the audio. That must have been frustrating for the GF folk and Will.


The teachers at 16:36 were just in front of me in line, so I am off on the right of the screen watching what is going on.

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Thanks for sharing this. Well done Glowforge team. Always love seeing any video I can of anything Glowforge. Well done up there @bailey and @Shell and Will. :sunglasses:

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Thanks for posting (with time suggestion, no less)!!

Hey I’m in this video! At the very start as well! I’m where the interviewer is asking if people are excited to get into Maker Faire. I’m right behind the interviewer (I’m the tall guy with brown curlyish hair). When he moves to interview the robot maker, you can see me!

I’m “Internet Famous”!


Your 10 minutes of fame! :tada: :fireworks:

10? I thought I would get 15!? Maybe I’ll get another 5 somewhere else.


Yes…you’re right…my mistake. Truly though, in that video, you probably only got 15 seconds of fame, so you’re still entitled to more another time.

That flash player via the forums, however, needs to go.

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