Glowforge mascot?

I’ve been having so much fun with the Glowforge. Sure there other laser cutters but I think the whole approach taken here with the “cloud” rendering, built in camera, and system of integrated Proof Grade materials takes the most guesswork and flubbed first attempts out of the experience. Maybe I’m not pushing it too hard, but nearly everything has come out fine on the first (or once in a while second) try!

So it had me wondering, if Glowforge had a mascot…what would it be?

Something powerful…

and 'wonderful"…

and magical ('cuz it literally works by smoke and mirrors!)…

and does your bidding to make your creative wishes come true…

Which all made me think of this fun little guy. Meet “Glazor,” the Glowforge laser genie! (I engraved him into a little draft board stand up sign.)


That’s just extremely clever! I’m sure they’re going to love it! :smile:

Or, you could call him the Great Glazoo (for those of us old enough to remember the Flintstones).


Very cool!

Nice work and like the idea

That’s super creative! :blush:

Heh heh. Very cute! Now I want to see him as an edge lit acrylic sign with mirror film like this magic mirror.


Glad the Glowforge is meeting your needs. Nice name.

I guess the real mascot of Glowforge is @dan, but we had a go at it way back in the dark days before even the betas appeared.


Ha–those are all great and I’m definitely late to the party on mascot ideas.

I did, however, resist the temptation to make the “Glazor” genie resemble Dan.